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Liquid Lite

Liquid Lite® is the original and best! We, Tojo Sea Below, invented the drain plug light which is the only patented underwater boat drain plug light in the world! Our underwater light utilizes LED technology and is perfect for attracting baitfish, night diving for lobster, boat cruising, dock parties or just your nighttime enjoyment.

Liquid Lite® was first in the market and no one compares to us in quality. Liquid Lite® is patent protected for its unique design and simple installation into the drain fitting. With superior design and craftsmanship, Liquid Lite® uses the smallest and strongest waterproof housing (316L passivate stainless steel) in the world. We don't use cheap brass housings or PVC. Do you really want these in your drain plug? Our patented 180-degree wide-angle lens is made of cast acrylic for maximum visibility.

Liquid Lite® is designed so it can run out of the water. This can be very helpful when loading your boat on a dark ramp. Liquid Lite® fits ½ inch NPT drain fittings and does not require retrofitting for most installations.

Top Reasons why you should choose Liquid Lite® for your ultimate underwater boat lighting experience:

  • Liquid Lite® is the original and the best! We, Tojo Sea Below, are the inventor of the drain plug light and it is the only patented underwater drain plug light in the world. Our company was founded in 2007 and we will be here for you during your installation and after the sale.
  • Strong passivate stainless steel 316L waterproof light housing, six-foot cable and wide-angle 180-degree cast acrylic lens for maximum visibility. We use only top grade materials.
  • Your choice of Liquid Lite® super bright white, green or blue LEDs which generate more than 1000+ lumens.
  • Draws less than 1/4 amp for power - the lowest in the boating industry.
  • Light up boat ramps and be seen on the water.
  • Hydrodynamic waterproof light design is aesthetically appealing.
  • Portable investment, which can be moved boat to boat easily.
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