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Demo Lithium Battery System Comparison to AGM

Posted by on 10/5/2017 to Projects

This comparison between Lithium and AGM batteries is based on comparing equal Amp Hour Capacity. For this exercise we are looking at a Capacity of 200 Amp Hours. Because AGM batteries are limited to 50% discharge, only half the 200 amps can be used, therefore two 200 amp hour batteries are needed to match the Victron which can use all of its 200 amp hours. 

Lithium v AGM battery Comparison

Lithium AGM
Battery ModelVictron Smart Lithium 12.8 volt 200 amp hrsLifeline 12Volt GPL4DA 210 amp hours

# Batteries to produce 200 amp hours



Charge cycles 5,000 @ 50% discharge1,000 @ 50% discharge

# of Batteries needed over lifetime



Cost over Lifetime




64% of AGM



93 lbs

248 lbs 

Note number of Batteries; # of Batteries required to produce 200 amp hours
                                          Victron      One is needed as all 200 amp hours can be used
                                          AGM         Two are needed as you should only discharge the battery to 50% before recharging

Note Charge Cycles; Charge Cycles is the indicator of Battery life. The Victron Lithium battery has a lifetime expectancy of 5,000 cycles at 50% discharge while the AGM only has 1,000 cycles.

Note # of batteries needed over lifetime; Since we need two AGM's for one Lithium and the Lithium lasts 5 times longer, then ten AGM's will equal the 200 amp hours capacity over its lifetime.

Note cost; The AGM batteries need to be replaced 5 times to equal the lifetime of the Lithium Battery. As there are two AGM for equivalent amps there will be ten AGM batteries to equal the lifetime of one Lithium. The cost of the Victron lithium when this comparison was made on Oct 3rd 2017 is $2730. Each AGM costs around $527 so total cost of the AGM batteries comes to $5270.

Note Volume; The lithium battery has a volume of 1936 cu inches while the 2 AGM has a volume of 3040 cu inches. Hence 64% of the AGM setup.

Note weight; the AGM batteries weigh 124 lbs each so the equivalent AGM setup will weigh 248 lbs v 93 lbs a significant reduction

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