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Victron Energy BMV700 Precision Battery Monitor
Victron BMV700 energy monitor showing the state of charge display

Victron Energy BMV700 Precision Battery Monitor

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This is the latest Amp Hour Meter from Victron Energy. This Victron Battery Monitor keeps track of current flowing in and out of a battery bank and uses a sophisticated algorithm to read out the state of charge of the battery in Percentage Remaining and Amp Hours Remaining. It also displays Volts and Amps, time to go, and Consumed Energy and keeps track of Historic Data including Battery Efficiency, Average Discharge, Deepest Discharge, Number of Cycles, Overvoltage, and Undervoltage Alarms.

  • Victron Energy BMV 700 single bank amp hour meter and energy monitor Monitors volts, amps, amp hours and time to go for a single battery bank.
  • Included shunt measures up to 500 Amps
  • For use with DC systems from 12 to 90 volts
  • Visual and audible alarms and programmable alarm
  • 10 metre cable, connectors and fuse included. 
  • We can special order shorter cables for a small charge but it will delay your order. 
  • Special order cables come in 0.3m, 0.9m, 1.8m, 3m, and 5m
  • Removeable bezel allows round or square face for display

New Features

Easier setup: By changing the way the buttons and menu works, operation is now easier. The use of scrolling text for the setup and history menus, simplifies matters. Now, you need no longer remember the meaning of H1, H2, H3 etc. The BMV-700 Series will first let the name of the chosen item scroll by, and then show you the value. For the more familiar user, the scrolling text can be skipped by pressing one of the buttons.

Improved information: The read-out now includes Watts in addition to the basic information of Volts, Amps, Amp Hours, State of Charge and Time To Go. A SOC bar is also included in the bottom right of the read-out as you can see in my photo above. At the top left of the screen, in text, the display also shows which value you are monitoring. There are two new historical values also: total kWh discharged and kWh charged. There is also a new instant Watts read-out. Now for example you can compare power used with actual boat speed.

  • Improved LCD Read-Out
  • Simpler Operation and Setup
  • Retention of History Data
  • SOC Indicator Bar
  • Calculates Watts
  • Computes kWh Charged and Discharged
  • VE.Direct Communications Port
  • Relay Invert Function


If you add the Victron Energy Bluetooth Dongle you can read the information on your iPhone or Android device wirelessly.

Installation tips:  

If you need to locate the shunt in an exposed place where it might get knocked I recommend the Blue Sea 2719 as a housing for the shunt.  This is not a waterproof housing, if you want a waterproof housing you have to make your own but take a look at the one that comes with the BMV700H for suggestions on how to do that.  

My comparison between the BMV meter and the Balmar Smart Gauge

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