This article is a comparison of three batteries that are very similar in performance but quite a bit different in price. I picked the 24 volt 200 Amp hour batteries for my comparison and I also included the older 180 Amp hour model to round out the comparison. Victron are not currently stocking the Lithium HE batteries in the US but they are available to special order and take about two months to arrive. Below is a table of the basic information, you can click on it to enlarge the table:  

Click to enlarge table

This table is a compilation of three different datasheets on the Victron Website:

The Lithium HE batteries have a shorter life but have the highest energy density which is probably why they have built in fan cooling.  They are incredibly compact batteries and must be the go to product where weight and volume are most important.  Their cost is a bit less than the Smart batteries but when you factor in the extra expenses involved with the Lynx Ion BMS it might come out almost the same.  The middle battery above is the longest lasting and the least expensive.  The low price just reflects the fact that it is being discontinued because it was superceeded by the higher performing Lithium HE

The drawing below shows a typical layout for using the Lithium HE and this layout can also be used for the Lithium Ion 24V/180 Ahr battery

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