Custom panel
The boat was 20 years old and was getting its engine rebuilt so it was a good opportunity to redo the electrical system at the same time.  In the original arrangement the battery switches were at the panel.  This arrangement left us with big heavy battery cable in a tight space so we decided to go with remote battery switches and an ACR. The red switches in the lower left of the panel control the remote battery switches.

The clock that appears in the top left corner is really a place marker for a Victron Energy BMV600 amp hour meter.  The software isn't fully customizable to show images of things like that.  The panel was designed using the Panelwizard program

In the bottom right corner of the panel you will see there is a 12 volt outlet and a USB charger outlet. In the top right of the panel you will see that the AC Shore Power main has an ELCI breaker to comply with the new ABYC rules governing ground fault protection.  The picture here if of the Victron BMV energy monitor.  Blue Sea custom panels can accommodate any standard 2" gauge.

Victron energy monitor
Its possible that a second 30 Amp shore power service will be added in the future depending on how the new air conditioning works out.  That is why there is a blank space on the AC side of the panel.

This panel uses all Flat Rocker circuit breakers giving it a very clean look.

The panel was built to order in five working days as all all the Blue Sea Systems custom panels. It came fully wired and ready to install, with backing boxes on the back of the AC part and was fully labelled.

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