Custom Panel
This panel has an 8247 AC digital multimeter with a selector switch fitted so it can read from shore power or inverter circuits.

The double pole AC main on this panel is a 16 Amp breaker which is typical of the kind of shore power service found for smaller boats that use 230 Volt AC 

One advantage of he 360 Series modular system is that it can be added to later.  So in this example he had an existing panel and was able to incorporate it in the new panel.  It is worth remembering that if you are building a new boat or rewiring an old one the expected life span might be 20 years of more. It is very wise to make provision for future changes.  Leaving a few spare breakers on a panel is one way to deal with this but leaving an entire blank module or two is an even better way to go.

This panel was supplied fully labelled and with backing boxes for each module.  Backing boxes are included as standard for all custom AC modules.  When comparing the price of a custom module with a stock module it is important to compare like with like.  On stock panels the backing boxes are not included but are sold separately.

This panel was designed by the customer using the Panelwizard program.  It took quite a few goes to get it to where he wanted it, to speed things along he shared his password with me to allow me to get involved with the design,

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