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AC Source Selector Switches

Blue Sea Systems AC Rotary Transfer Switch
Sometimes called ship to shore switches these heavy duty industrial grade AC Rotary Transfer Switches are made in Austria for Blue Sea Systems by Kraus and Naimer.  They are used to select between AC power sources when the necessary circuit protection is elsewhere.  Typically in a marine application they are used to switch between shore and generator or between shore 1 and shore 2, however you will see that the biggest of these can switch between three different sources and off.  All the switches have an off position.  These switches are also available mounted on a metal panel and they can also be incorporated into a Custom 360-System modular panel.
Wiring diagram for AC Rotary Transfer switchesRatings for these switches are 32 Amps and 65 Amps and the voltage rating for all is 600 Volts.  However it is important to pay attention to the wiring diagrams and instruction manuals as all current carrying conductors including neutral lines need to be switched. Ground wires do not get switched.  If you need some help choosing just ask.

All the switches shown here can also be supplied mounted in a panel, and for many of them it is possible to achieve the same functionality using circuit breakers with lockout slides. See the individual product pages to see the alternatives.

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Blue Sea 9010 AC Selector Switch, 120V 32A OFF +3
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