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ATO Fuse Replacements

Not yet available, due in 2020, In the meantime you can read about these on the Blue Sea Website.  These are re-settable circuit breakers that fit in the place of an ATO/ATC blade fuse.

  • 7062     5 Amps
  • 7063     7.5 Amps
  • 7064     10 Amps
  • 7065     15 Amps
  • 7066     20 Amps
  • 7067     25 Amps
  • 7068     30 Amps

Use a manually re-settable circuit breaker instead of an ATO or ATC fuse. Drop in replacement for ATO and ATC blade style fuses. Manual push button reset complies with ABYC circuit protection requirements. Compatible with Water-Resistant ST-Blade Fuse Block with cover secured. Compatible with all other ST-Blade Fuse blocks without cover.