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Ancor 124550 Tinned Copper Duplex Boat Cable 14/2 awg - sold by the foot
Two conductor marine wire with a white outer jacket

Ancor 124550 Tinned Copper Duplex Boat Cable 14/2 awg - sold by the foot

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14/2 Tinned DC Duplex Boat Cable sold by foot, minimum 10 feet. This is safety boat cable for DC use and has red and yellow conductors in a white jacket. Flat construction, marine grade oil resistant 105 deg C insulation
p/n: 124550-ft
Availability: Minimum order 10 ft.
Ancor safety duplex cable features red and yellow Marine Grade primary conductors (correctly color-coded to ABYC standards) in a white common jacket that is made for easy removal while providing the best abrasion resistance available. Safety Duplex Cable is color coded so that the negative conductor is yellow to avoid confusion with the AC Hot wire which is black.  With safety duplex cable there is no confusion, this is for DC use. Sold by the foot, minimum 10 feet

  • Finely stranded tinned copper conductor (Type III),
  • Flat construction with 105C dry 75C wet 600 Volt insulation rating
  • Color coded premium vinyl insulation, stays flexible to -40 deg C
  • Insulation resists salt water, battery acid, oil, gasoline, heat, abrasion and ultra-violet radiation.
  • Cable legend reads : Ancor Marine Grade 2 cond 14 awg (UL) Boat Cable 600V 105 Deg C Dry Oil Resistant BC-5W2 E3206583 --- CSA TEW 105 deg C or AEM II A/B 105 deg C 600V LL39965
  • Made in USA

    Standards, tables, and international equivalents.

    Tech Tip

    14 awg wire with 105 deg C insulation rating has an ampacity of 35 Amps according to ABYC E11 AP Table 2. That means 35 Amps is the maximum this wire can carry. A copy of the table appears in our Blog. In most cases the voltage drop tables require a larger wire size than the ampacity, so to follow the voltage drop tables this wire would need to carry less than 35 Amps

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