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Balmar 48-WSP-46 Pulley Kit  for Westerbeke 46 (uses K6 belt)
Balmar Pulley Conversion Kit 48-WSP-46 for Westerbeke 46

Balmar 48-WSP-46 Pulley Kit for Westerbeke 46 (uses K6 belt)

On sale $765.00 $683.00
Balmar Altmount Serpentine pulley kit permits mounting a much larger alternator in lieu of the standard model - for Westerbeke 46
p/n: 48-WSP-46
Availability: Can ship direct from Balmar if you select a paid shipping method.

These Altmount Kits by Balmar offer the opportunity to install a larger alternator than would otherwise be possible. This kit is the 48-WSP-46 and is for the Westerbeke 46 marine diesel. They are designed to fit many engine models, the list expands every day so if you don't see your engine listed do give us a call. Kit Includes: Three Six-Groove (K6) Pulleys, Two K6, 40" Circumference Serpentine Belts (one spare) & Mounting Hardware

Alternator upgrades using a single drive belt are limited by the amount of power that can be transferred by the belt but using a serpentine belt considerably increases the possibilities. The kits include a set of serpentine pulleys to go over the crankshaft and water pump pulley and replace the alternator pulleys and come with a matching serpentine belt. They are sold for specific engine models only. The alternators need to be purchased separately. If you order an alternator with a kit it will come with the appropriate pulley pre-installed. Installation is relatively easy. The kit comes with two K6 belts that are 40" long. We don't stock spare belts for this model but you should be able to find them at any auto parts store.  

Read my BLOG POST about installing one of these kits.

Installation notes are on the blog post

My blog post has installation notes for a serpentine kit.


This kit is designed for use with a Balmar 6 series or XT series alternator.  It may be possible to use it with another alternator that has a 17mm shaft diameter, but the fit is not guaranteed.  If you choose to go that route you are on your own. 

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