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Balmar 48-YSP-3YM-B Pulley Kit for Yanmar 3YM30
Balmar 48-YSP-3YM-B Pulley Kit for Yanmar 3YM30

Balmar 48-YSP-3YM-B Pulley Kit for Yanmar 3YM30

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These pulley kits by Balmar offer the opportunity to install a larger alternator than would otherwise be possible; this kit is for the Yanmar 3YM30   This engine is a bit different from most of the other Yanmars in that the pivot bolt of the alternator is at the top and the alternator hangs from it.  So it ends up being upside down when compared to most other Yanmars.  

Alternator upgrades using a single drive belt are limited by the amount of power that can be transferred by the belt but using a multi grooved belt considerably increases the possibilities. The kits include a set of serpentine pulleys for the crankshaft, water pump pulley and alternator. This pulley kit comes with two belts so you have a spare, the alternators need to be purchased separately. If you order an alternator at the same time as the kit it will come with the appropriate pulley pre-installed. 

  • Kit includes three ten groove J10 pulleys
  • Includes also two 39" circumference J10 belts and mounting hardware.
  • See the Additional Information tab for more about belts.
  • Instruction sheet
  • Read my Blog Post about installing one of these kits.
  • Please check your engine model number carefully to ensure you are ordering the correct kit.  


This kit is designed for use with a Balmar 6 series or XT series alternator. If you want to use it with your stock Hitachi alternator then you also need to purchase the Hitachi Pulley 48-AM-97. This special Hitachi pulley fixes an alignment issue. It may be possible to use the kit with any alternator that has a 17mm shaft diameter, but the fit and alignment is not guaranteed.   Using this kit with other alternators may require you to to purchase a different alternator pulley 48-AM-106 and you may need to change the length of the belt.

The alternator on the 3YM30 is suspended from the top which is the opposite orientation to most of the other Yanmar engines.  This means that when ordering an XT alternator you need to get the YM variation which has a shorter output terminal.   With the aid of a shorter terminal there is just enough room to mount the alternator without the terminal hitting the engine block.  Be sure to fit a cable cap and circuit protection on the wire.

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