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Balmar 9504-24-140-IG Alternator 24 Volts 140 Amps
Heavy duty high output externally regulated p-type alternator with J-180 mounting foot

Balmar 9504-24-140-IG Alternator 24 Volts 140 Amps

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This is one of the discontinued models. As of March 19th 2024 there were 25 left
p/n: 9504-24-140-IG
Delco-style 2" single foot alternators feature oversized bearings and extra high amperage diode ratings to ensure superior cooling characteristics and longer life. Custom wound stators, integrating extra large gauge copper wire deliver the outstanding low-end output and impressive performance across the powerband. The 94-Series has a well-earned record as a proven workhorse in recreational and commercial systems where large battery banks and large house electrical loads require lots of brawn. Meets USCG Title 33 standards for ignition protection. One year limited warranty.

  • High output P-type alternator 24 volt output.
  • Large case heavy duty construction, powder coated finish.
  • Dual foot J-180 style mount  with 4" id spacing between feet.
  • Externally regulated single output.
  • Bi-directional cooling fan
  • Rated to 6,500 RPM
  • Comes standard with pulley for dual 1/2" belts. Other pulleys available.
  • For non standard pulleys specify your requirements in the notes at checkout and we will call you if necessary to confirm.
  • These alternators are typically used on Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Caterpillar, and John Deere engines

Tech Tip

To meet ABYC standards the wire to the battery must have circuit protection.  The level of circuit protection must be equal or less than the ampacity of the wire. To prevent accidental tripping the circuit protection should be a bit more than the rated output of the alternator, maybe 30% more would be appropriate 

When sizing the output wire of this alternator the ampacity of the wire must at least meet the output of the alternator, see the Ampacity Tables for details.  Ideally though the wire size would be closed to the 3% Voltage drop rule, see the Voltage Drop Tables for details. A 5005 or 5191 fuse block would be appropriate.  Don't forget a cable cap for the output terminal which the ABYC requires for all exposed positive terminals.  A 4012 Cable Cap might be appropriate depending on the wire size you end up choosing.


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