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Balmar ARS-5-H Regulator 12 Volts
Balmar ARS-5-H Regulator 12 Volts

Balmar ARS-5-H Regulator 12 Volts

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This programmable alternator regulator can be used with all 12 volt P Type externally regulated alternators. It can be programmed for battery type including lead acid, gel and AGM batteries. It provides a three stage charge with bulk, absorption and float settings as well as a soft start to allow the engine to get up to speed on starting.  The digital display gives an indication of the stage of the program, the target and measured voltages and can be used for programming and troubleshooting.
There is a Belt Load Manager section to the program which can be adjusted if the alternator is to be used with a less than optimal drive belt.  This regulator can take optional battery and alternator temperature sensors.  The ARS5-H has some limitations on it field current and so is only suitable for a single alternator and is not recommended for the AT series alternators.  For those applications we recommend the Max Charge which has a more powerful field current output.  If you are purchasing this regulator as a spare it is available without the wiring harness and sold as Model ARS5. 
  • 12 volt alternator regulator with 54 inch wiring harness.
  • Features five preset programs and easy to read three digit digital display.
  • Simplified programming modes.
  • Selectable presets for five battery programs, including gel, AGM, Optima, deep-cycle and standard flooded
  • For use with externally regulated P-type alternators
  • For single alternator installations only
  • Optional alternator and battery temperature sensors sold separately (see below)
  • Also available without harness if you are buying this as a spare or replacement
  • This is a suitable replacement for the ARS4 and uses the same wiring harness
  • One year limited warranty


  • Tech Tip

    When an alternator temperature sensor is used with an ARS5 regulator the output of the alternator is  reduced by 50% when it gets too hot and the full output is restored when it cools off.  With the MC614 regulator the operation is more sophisticated and the output is adjusted incrementally to be the maximum possible while keeping the alternator within its allowed temperature.

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