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Balmar CFII-12/24 Centerfielder II Charge Parallel Controller
Balmar Centerfielder II Charge Parallel Controller

Balmar CFII-12/24 Centerfielder II Charge Parallel Controller

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Designed for use in applications requiring balanced charge control from two alternators and two regulators on twin engines, the Centerfielder-II makes it possible to utilize the combined output of both alternators to supply optimized charging to a single large battery bank. By monitoring the ignition and field voltages at port and starboard regulators, the Centerfielder-II determines when both engines are running, and directs field current from the master (starboard) regulator to both alternators. By controlling both alternators with the same field source, the Centerfielder-II ensures that alternators can work together in the optimum manner.

  • Synchronizes battery charging on twin engine dual alternator systems. 
  • Directs field current to both alternators to ensure maximum charging efficiency. 
  • Eliminates system stress by balancing alternator workload. 
  • For 12 or 24 volt systems. 
  • Requires two Max Charge regulators(12 or 24 volt)
Installation and operation manual.

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