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Balmar SG200 battery monitor kit
Balmar SG200 battery monitor complete kit comes with a cable

Balmar SG200 battery monitor kit

On sale $249.00 $229.00
Battery monitor with color display. Supports 12V-48V Battery Banks. Bluetooth module sold separately.
p/n: SG200
Availability: In stock
Balmar has combined recent technology advances to introduce a next generation battery monitor. This new monitor has combined the best features of its 1st generation Smartgauge with the advantages of a shunt-based amp-hour counting system to come up with a battery meter that combines the best features of both. In addition, they have come up with a modular system that can be scaled to accommodate multiple battery banks and multiple meters.  The SG200 color display is easy to read, configurable and fits any standard 2 1/16" diameter mounting hole.  Now you can determine your battery(s) condition from anywhere on board with multiple displays or simply add the optional Bluetooth® interface and Smartphone App to keep information in your pocket!

Battery parameters read

  • State of Charge (SoC%)
  • State of Health (SoH%)
  • Charge/Discharge Current Flow
  • Time Remaining
  • History, Faults & Alerts
Batteries supported

  • Lead Acid, Lithium (LiFePO4), Standard AGM, TPPL AGM, Carbon Foam AGM, and GEL Batteries 
  • Supports 12V-48V Battery Banks
  • Typically 97% Accurate within 2 Cycles
  • Auto-Calibrating
  • Does not Lose Accuracy with Age
Expandable Architecture

  • Support Multiple Displays (Optional)
  • Supports Multiple Battery Banks  (Optional)
  • Standard Support for 2 Start Batteries (Voltage Only)
  • Simple, easy-to-install Point-to-Point Network
Bright color display

  • Sunlight Readable, Configurable & Dimmable
  • 60 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Fits in Standard 2 1/16" Gauge Socket
Optional Smartphone/Bluetooth® Gateway

  • Free iOS and Android Apps (Requires Bluetooth® Gateway PN SG2-0300)
  • Gateway is not yet available for purchase but is coming soon.
  • View All Parameters on your Phone
  • Download Product Updates

Tech Tip

The SG2-0300 Bluetooth Gateway is not included with this unit and is sold as an optional extra.  If you want to be able to install enhancements and upgrades to the firmware in the future we strongly encourage you to consider adding the Bluetooth Gateway to your order.

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