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Balmar Pulleys
A single and a double sheave pulley

Balmar Pulleys

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The single sheave pulley shown above is the 61-0010 and comes standard on 6 Series alternators up to 100 Amps.  The double sheave pulley is the 61-0020 and comes as standard on the 6 series 120 and 150 amp alternators as well as the 94 Series.  If you don't specify a pulley this is what you will get.  However if you specify when ordering you can get any pulley you want at no additional charge.  If you want one afterwards there is a charge.

When ordering a new alternator specify the pulley you want in the order notes at checkout.  If you need to buy a pulley separately the list of what is available is posted below.  Pulleys vary in cost from $60 to $100 so to purchase a pulley please checkout without paying using the "offline payment" option and specify which pulley you want in the order notes at checkout. We will contact you for payment.

Full pulley list

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