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Blue Sea 1010 12V DC Plug
Blue Sea Systems #1010 12V DC Plug

Blue Sea 1010 12V DC Plug

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This plug is for 12 volt use and suitable for marine applications.  The plug has a sealing ring around the shaft to keep out spray and make it seat securely in the outlet.  Will work with any standard 12 volt receptacle but for best results use Blue Sea Systems #1011 dash socket.

  • Twist lock system locks plug securely into socket
  • Corrosion resistant matreials and large contact surfaces
  • Plug features an LED "on" light
  • Nickel plated copper allow used for all current carrying components
  • 15A max rating
    Detailed specification, drawings, and description.

Tech Tip

This plug is quite fiddly to wire.  It requires patience so take it easy, sit in a comfortable chair and take your time.  Recommend wire size is 16 awg, any greater wont fit and any less wont meet ABYC requirements.

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