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Blue Sea 1016 Dual USB Charger Socket
Blue Sea Systems 1016 Dual USB Charger Socket

Blue Sea 1016 Dual USB Charger Socket

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This dual USB Charger Socket is used to charge mobile devices such as phones, tablet computers, iPads, MP3 Players and anything that uses a standard USB socket for charging. The 2.1 Amp rated output means that it can charge two small devices simultaneously or one larger device such as an iPad.

  • Features watertight cap
  • Easy installation
  • Designed to withstand the rigors of wet environments and constant vibration
  • Front panel, rear panel, or surface mount

  • Built with marine grade materials to withstand moisture and vibration when used on boats, RV's or Automobiles. Suitable for charging a wide range of portable electronics including Android devices, iPad's and iPhones, this USB charger can charge the iPad at its maximum rated charge speed.  If you have access to the back of the panel this USB receptacle can be held in place using the threaded nut on the back.  However if you don't have access to the back you of course wont be able to put the nut on, and the way to hold the receptacle in place is to trap it with the face plate which is held on with two screws which you attach from the front.

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