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Blue Sea 11001 Battery Selector Switch 1-2-OFF (No Both position)
Blue Sea Systems 11001 Battery Selector Switch

Blue Sea 11001 Battery Selector Switch 1-2-OFF (No Both position)

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Blue Sea Systems - 11001 BATTERY SWITCH 3-WAY E SERIES BATTERY SWITCH (BLUE SEA SYSTEMS) 350 Ampere continuous rating for inboard gasoline and diesel engines. Terminal studs accept 3/8" or M10 ring terminals.
p/n: BSS-0011001
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This is a special order switch and has no "Both" position.  It does have an alternator field disconnect.

Cranking Rating: 10 sec. 2,000 Amps
Intermittent Rating: 5 min. 600 Amps
Continuous Rating 350 Amps
Maximum Voltage Rating 32 Volts DC
  • Make-before-break contact design allows switching between battery banks without power interruption
  • CE Marked, UL 1107 listed
  • Ignition protected - Meets UL 1500 and SAE J1171 - Safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats
  • Case design allows surface or rear panel mounting
  • Meets American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) requirements for battery switches
  • 3/8"-16 tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance, accepts 3/8" and M10 ring terminals
  • 7/8" (22.22mm) stud length to accept multiple cable terminals
  • Tactile textures indicate knob position by feel only

  • Blue Sea Systems battery switches m-Series  e-Series HD Series
    Mini Switches Standard Size Heavy Duty

    ON-OFF with knob 6006 9003e 3000
    ON-OFF with Key 6005 n/a n/a
    1-2 Selector (no "Both") n/a 11001 11003
    1-2-Both Selector 6007 9001e 3002
    Dual Circuit 6010 5510e n/a
    Dual Circuit Plus 6011 5511e n/a
    On-OFF with AFD n/a 9004e 3001
    1-2-Both Selector with AFD n/a 9002e 3003

    The above table shows the wide variety of battery switches made by Blue Sea Systems. The part numbers are clickable links which will take you to the relevant product page. There are over 20 switches to choose from when you include some color variations for the m-Series switches. The heavy duty and eSeries switches are the same size but the heavy duty models have 1/2" terminals to accommodate larger wires and higher current.  The m-Series are mini switches but have ratings that are almost as high as the e Series. As they are more compact there is less room to attach larger cables.  AFD stands for Alternator Field Disconnect and these switches also include a smaller circuit switch which can be used to operate indicator lights or alarm circuits or to turn off an alternator.  Finally there is also an extensive selection of remote battery switches which are used when the batteries are located in a hard to reach location.

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