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Blue Sea 1201 Modular 360-Series DC Panel 16 position with meters
Blue Sea Systems #1201 360-series DC panel 16 Pos V/Ammeter RR

Blue Sea 1201 Modular 360-Series DC Panel 16 position with meters

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This is a DC circuit breaker panel with sixteen 15 Amp circuit breakers.  It is for use with 12 volts DC and includes an ammeter reading up to 50 amps and an extended scale voltmeter reading 8-16 Volts.  It comes with a set of pre-printed DC labels and extra labels can be ordered direct from the manufacturer.  All the label positions are backlit and there are LED indicators for all the on circuits.  The breakers are the flat rocker type so when they are in the off position they are flush and when they are in the on position they protrude a bit and show a white edge.  This makes it very easy to see from a distance which ones are on and which ones are off.

The panel comes with an external 50 Amp shunt for the meter and it also comes with a DC negative busbar which needs to be mounted somewhere off the panel. The overall dimensions are 13.625" wide by 7.75" high.

  • Includes 16 x 15A flat rocker magnetic hydraulic circuit breakers
  • DC analog ammeter 0-50 Amps #8022
  • Includes 50 Amp external shunt
  • DC analog voltmeter 8-16 Volts #8003
  • Three position switch to read multiple battery banks
  • Orange LED indicator lights for each breaker
  • Backlight panel labels
  • Includes #4205 Square Format label set
  • Rated for 12 volts DC
  • 13.625" wide x 7.750" high
  • Detailed specification, drawings, and description.
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