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Blue Sea 1218 Modular 360-Series AC/DC Panel with Multimeters
Blue Sea Systems #1218 360-series panel 120VAC8/DC20 P w/AC&DC DMM RR

Blue Sea 1218 Modular 360-Series AC/DC Panel with Multimeters

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We dont keep this panel in stock, if you order it we will have it drop shipped direct from Blue Sea Systems.  It normally ships within three working days.

Blue Sea Systems modular 360 panel system offers flexibility, versatility and innovative design features. Featuring a range of over 125 stock panels, 18 mounting frames, with meters, gauges and accessories to fit a wide range of requirements. Custom panels also available with short order times.

  • Double Pole 30 Amp AC main breaker,
  • 6 x 15 Amp AC breakers,
  • 100 Amp DC main breaker,
  • 19 x 15 Amp DC breakers
  • LED indicator lights for each position
  • Backlit panel labels, comes with a standard set of AC and DC labels
  • Digital DC multi-meter 8248, Digital AC multi-meter 8247
  • Dimensions 13.63" Wide x 10.75" High x 4" Deep
  • Rear covers (p/n 1331) are included for the AC part of the panel

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