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Blue Sea 1522 Dual Bilge Pump Control Panel
Dual bilge pump panel

Blue Sea 1522 Dual Bilge Pump Control Panel

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This panel is a single module from the 360 Series and so has the standard dimensions of 4.75" high x 4.88" wide.  It is designed to control two bilge pumps and has two 10 Amp restricted off flat rocker circuit breakers for the pump automatic function and two momentary rocker switches for the manual override function.  The restricted off circuit breakers can only be turned off with a tool, you cannot accidentally knock against them and turn them off. This is a stock panel and so the breaker sizes cannot be changed unless you order the breakers and do it yourself

  • Controls two bilge pumps
  • Restricted off circuit breakers provide 24-hour circuit protection to the bilge pump float switch.
  • On-indicating LED indicates power is available at the bilge pump float switch.
  • Manual Override switch with On-indicating LED provides visual indication pump is running; also illuminates when pump is running as a result of float switch operation.
  • Contains two 10 Amp restricted off circuit breakers

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