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Blue Sea 1836 OLED AC Ammeter
Blue Sea 1836 OLED AC Ammeter reads up to 150 Amps*

Blue Sea 1836 OLED AC Ammeter

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Digital monitor with OLED display monitors AC amps of up to two external sensors.
p/n: BSS-0001836
Digital monitor with OLED  display monitors AC amps on up to two external sensors.  The meter comes with a single current transformer that reads up to 150 Amps and to read a second circuit an additional current transformer is required.  Other current transformers are available that can read up to 300 Amps.  The gasket creates a waterproof seal on the unit face.  The M2 Monitors include a MOSFET External Circuit Relay (ECR) which can be used to control external circuits based on any value measured by the M2. The M2 External Circuit Relay is separate from and independent of the Internal Alarm function.  A DC power supply is required to run this meter, it can be between 7 and 70 Volts DC

  • Meter displays AC Amps measured by up to two current transformers
  • A single 150 Amp current transformer is included. (p/n 8256)
  • Measures in degrees C or degrees F
  • Display range 0-150 Amps
  • Extended display range up to 300 Amps is possible with extra equipment*
  • Programmable high and low current alarm
  • External relay contact
  • Auto-dimming, bright OLED display is easy to read
  • Display Size 55mm x 28mm
  • Requires a DC power source of 7 - 70 Volts
  • Max power consumption 1 Watt, minimum 0.3 Watts
  • 5 Year manufacturers warranty
  • Can be mounted in a 360 Series panel (not included)
  • Instruction manual
  • Dimensioned drawing
  • Quickstart Guide

*A 300A current transformer (p/n 1829) is available to special order to bring the range up to 300 Amps

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