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Blue Sea 1991 PowerBar 1000 with 12 x 3/8
Blue Sea Systems 1991 PowerBar 1000

Blue Sea 1991 PowerBar 1000 with 12 x 3/8" terminal studs

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Blue Sea Systems heavy duty dual-level busbar with 1000 Amp rating. This power bar has 12 terminals 3/8" in diameter and includes a cover.
p/n: BSS-0001991
This PowerBar 1000 is rated for 1000 Amps DC at up to 150 volts and offers the opportunity to consolidate a great many circuits at a single bus bar.  The two tier arrangement allows a greater density of connections and the height of the tiers matches the height of the 5502 and 5503 fuse blocks on the high tier and the 5005 fuse blocks on the lower tier.  A link bus can be used to connect from the PowerBar to the fuse blocks.  This bus bar comes with a cover and as well as having 12 x 3/8" studs it has 16 screws for smaller connections. 

  • 1,000 Amp busbar for large complex wiring systems
  • Tin plated C11000 pure electrical copper for maximum conductivity
  • Stepped bus design offers two elevations for conductors which doubles the density of the wire loom compared to traditional bus bars
  • Busbar and fuse block elevations match common fuse blocks allowing for multiple fuse block attachment, eliminating the need for connecting cables
  • One-piece serrated flange nuts ensure correct and secure connections
  • Stainless steel 8-32 and 10-24 screws with captive lock washers for securing smaller gauge wires
  • Busbar may be cut to a shorter length to accommodate constricted spaces
  • Bi-directional busbar end caps allow the ganging of additional busbars
  • Snap on insulating cover meets ABYC and USCG requirements and includes label recess
  • Use the 9159 Link Bus to connect to a 5005 fuse block on the lower level
  • Use the 9160 Link Bus to connect to a 5502 or 5503 fuse block on the upper level

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