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Blue Sea 2105 MAXIBus 12 x 10-32 Common Busbar 250 Amps
Blue Sea Systems #2105 MAXIBus 12 x 10-32 Common Bus

Blue Sea 2105 MAXIBus 12 x 10-32 Common Busbar 250 Amps

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Blue Sea Systems - 2105 MAXIBUS 12 X 10-32 MAXIBUS 250 AMP COMMON BUS Designed for heavy duty positive or negative busing.
p/n: BSS-0002105
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The MaxiBus series of bus bars are all rated at 250 Amps AC or DC, 300 Volts AC and 48 Volts DC.  This series of busbars is considered the medium duty part of the Blue Sea Systems range.  This makes them suitable for use in DC systems with most large alternators and with light duty inverters.  For systems with bigger inverters a heavier duty busbar range is available. Although these busbars are rated for AC use they are probably bigger than is needed for that application for most small and medium sized yachts.

These bus bars are sold without covers because they are most often used for negative connections where a cover is not mandatory.  An optional cover is sold separately.  They are used for consolidating wires, often negative wires in the battery area of a DC system. The application brief by Blue Sea Systems gives more details of their suggested uses.

  • Bus Bar with 12 screw connections and two 5/16" threaded studs
  • 10-32 threaded screws with star lock washers made for vibration resistant connections
  • Raised bus permits more than one wire per screw or stud
  • Continuous Amperage 250 Amps AC/DC
  • Max Voltage Rating 300 Volts AC / 48 Volts DC 
  • Bus Material Tin-Plated Copper CDA 110 / UNS 11000
  • Base Material Reinforced Polycarbonate
  • Weight Lb (Kg) 0.80 (0.36)
  • Dimensioned drawing
    Detailed specification, drawings, and description.

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