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Blue Sea 2312 Bus Bar 20 Gang Common Bus with Cover
Blue Sea Systems #2312 BusBar 20 Gang Common Bus w/cover

Blue Sea 2312 Bus Bar 20 Gang Common Bus with Cover

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Busbars are used to consolidate multiple wires on the a single location or to feed multiple circuits. This busbar would typically be used for AC ground or neutral circuits or for DC negative circuits
  • Blue Sea Systems busbar with cover for AC or DC use, includes 2 x 1/4" studs and 20 8-32 studs for smaller wires.
  • The industry standard busbar for positive distribution and the collection of negative or AC ground circuits
  • Tinned copper busbar CDA 110/UNS 11000
  • Polycarbonate base 
  • Snap-on cover polycarbonate cover included
  • 150 amps AC rating and 130 Amps DC rating
  • 48 volts DC, 300 volts AC
  • 20 x #8-32 screws
  • 2 x 1/4" stud connections
  • Overall length 9.125"  width 1.25"
  • Also sold without a cover as p/n 2302

  • New Features

    Pressed-on busbarBecause the bus is pressed on to the stainless steel terminal studs, it doesnt require a securing nut that can come loose. In addition, there is a direct compression connection between the copper busbar and wire terminals instead of to a retaining nut. 
    Insert molded stainless steel studs      In a distribution bus, the terminal stud is a compressive element, not a conductive element. Its purpose is to press the ring terminal against the busbar. Stainless steel studs molded into the base allow for high torque and therefore a tighter connection and lower resistance. 
    Press-on insulating coverThe insulating cover provides insulation for all wire terminals connected to the busbar. This is especially important when the busbar is on the positive side of the circuit. Also, cover design allows for terminals to be attached to the busbar from any direction. 
    Raised busRaising the busbar above the surface of the base provides unobstructed wiring access, and allows for terminals to be inverted so that multiple terminals can be attached to each stud and screw. 
    Heat resistant base materialBase material made of reinforced polycarbonate resists high heatit will not burn in the absence of a flame. 

    Detailed specification, drawings, and description.


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