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Blue Sea 3116 ELCI Main Surface Mount Panel 30 Amp 120 VAC
Blue Sea Systems 3116 ELCI Main + 3 Blank Circuit Position Surface Mount System Panel 30 Amp 120 VAC

Blue Sea 3116 ELCI Main Surface Mount Panel 30 Amp 120 VAC

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This Panel meets the requirements of ABYC Standard E-11 when mounted within 10 feet of a shore power inlet. The included ELCI provides 30mA whole boat ground fault protection for the entire AC shore power system beyond the ELCI

  • Includes 30Amp double pole ELCI main breaker with a single flat rocker actuator and a push button trip reset.
  • Three Blank apertures for custom breaker loading, can accommodate a second ELCI #3102100
  • Glass filled polycarbonate base
  • Clear cover allows easy view of circuit breaker status
  • Overlapping cover for strength and increased gasket protection
  • Oversized, formed in place seamless PUR gasket
  • Easily removable stainless steel hinge pin for unobstructed installation
  • Stainless steel latch secures cover without penetrating the enclosure
  • Blank circuit positions accommodate A- and C- Series Flat Rocker and ELCI main circuit breakers
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware included
  • Includes waterproof glands
  • LED lights for back lighting and ON indication, backlighting runs on AC power.
  • Exterior overall dimensions 7.6" x 7.4" x 4.7"
This enclosure comes with the following:
1 ELCI Main 120V 30A, 30mA, 3102100
2 small wire glands, 3124
3 medium wire glands, 3125
4 green ON indicating 120V AC LEDs, 8034
1 red Reverse Polarity indicating 120V AC LED, 8066
1 LED plug
12 circuit breaker mounting screws
6 backlit circuit label positions
1 AC Main label
1 Reverse Polarity label
1 ELCI label
30 Basic AC labels, 4206
Panel Voltage ID label-120V AC

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