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Blue Sea 3116 ELCI Main Surface Mount Panel 30 Amp 120 VAC
Blue Sea Systems 3116 ELCI Main + 3 Blank Circuit Position Surface Mount System Panel 30 Amp 120 VAC

Blue Sea 3116 ELCI Main Surface Mount Panel 30 Amp 120 VAC

Your Price: $488.35
ELCI main breakers are now an ABYC requirement and should be fitted within 10 feet of the incoming shore power. Because this box is waterproof it can be mounted in a lazarette or similar area.
p/n: BSS-0003116
Sorry for the big price hike. The price increase will affect all Blue Sea Systems ELCI products including: ELCI Circuit Breakers, ELCI Stock Panels, ELCI Custom Panels and ELCI SMS Enclosures. Carling Technologies announced in December 2023 that they intended to halt production of their GFCI/ELCI HyMag Circuit Breaker Line due to the obsolescence of a critical PC component. In January 2024, Carling reversed that decision and announced that they would redesign the ELCI Circuit Breakers with new components and new pricing. To support the development costs, Carling implemented a substantial price increase effective immediately.

  • Glass filled polycarbonate base
  • Clear cover allows easy view of circuit breaker status
  • Overlapping cover for strength and increased gasket protection
  • Oversized, formed in place seamless PUR gasket
  • Easily removable stainless steel hinge pin for unobstructed installation
  • Stainless steel latch secures cover without penetrating the enclosure
  • Blank circuit positions accommodate A- and C- Series Flat Rocker and ELCI main circuit breakers
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware included
  • Includes waterproof glands
  • LED lights for back lighting and ON indication, backlighting runs on AC power.
  • Exterior overall dimensions 7.6" x 7.4" x 4.7" 

This Panel meets the requirements of ABYC Standard E-11 when mounted within 10 feet of a shore power inlet. The included ELCI provides 30mA whole boat ground fault protection for the entire AC shore power system beyond the ELCI. Includes 30Amp double pole ELCI main breaker with a single flat rocker actuator and a push-button trip reset. Three Blank apertures for custom breaker loading, can accommodate a second ELCI #3102100

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