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Blue Sea 4302 WeatherDeck Fused Panel 12 Volts DC 2 Position Gray
Blue Sea Systems #4302 Panel WD 12VDC fused 2 pos gray

Blue Sea 4302 WeatherDeck Fused Panel 12 Volts DC 2 Position Gray

On sale $59.51 $49.59
Blue Sea Systems Waterproof fused DC 2 Position Switch Panel #4302
p/n: BSS-0004302
These WeatherDeck panels have fuses which sit under a rubber boot below the snap off cover. They take automotive style blade fuses and come with set of 15 Amp fuses included. The panel labels are backlit and because the labels are square the panel can be mounted vertically or horizontally. A starter set of panel labels is included and additional ones can be ordered from Blue Sea Systems. 

  • Designed for flybridge and open cockpit applications
  • Independent label backlighting circuit for remote switching and dimming
  • Each panel can be mounted in four different orientations
  • Integrated ATO/ATC fuse based circuit protection with front access
  • Constructed from corrosion resistant materials
  • Grey UV stabilized faceplate
  • Rugged UV stabilized waterproof boots - black
  • Compatible with all Blue Sea Systems Digital Dimmers
  • Includes #4215 - 30 Square Format Labels - other labels available
  • Dimensions 3.875" x 4.3"
  • Circuit breakers or fuses, which should you choose.  Read my Blog Post 

    This panel does not include a negative bus so you will have to provide somewhere to connect the negative wires for the circuits served. A suggestion is shown below.  The panel comes complete with a set of 15 Amp fuses but if you would like an assortment of fuses a suggestion is shown below also.  The panel comes with on-off switches but an assortment of switch types is available including momentary and double pole switches that you can install yourself, just one example is shown below. And finally, a version of this panel is available with circuit breakers instead of fuses, also shown below, read the blog post on the subject of circuit breakers vs fuses

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