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Blue Sea 4376 WeatherDeck Circuit Breaker Panel 12 Volts DC
Blue Sea Systems 4376 WeatherDeck Panel 12 Volts DC CLB 6 Position gray

Blue Sea 4376 WeatherDeck Circuit Breaker Panel 12 Volts DC

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Blue Sea Systems 6 position waterproof DC breaker Panel p/n 4376 has six on-off switches each protected by its own 15 Amp push button circuit breaker.
p/n: BSS-0004376

This is the most popular of the Blue Sea Systems waterproof circuit breaker panels. Its 6 circuit breakers make it suitable for most smaller boats. It can be mounted on a center console or flying bridge. The flexibility to mount it any way up means it can be made to fit where other panels will not. The panel labels are square so they can be attached in the correct orientation. A set of 30 typical labels are included and additional ones are available either in sets or to individual order. This panel has backlit labels and the backlighting can be made adjustable with the addition of an optional dimmer. This panel comes with on-off toggle switches but a variety of other switch options can be added later to facilitate momentary switches for trim tabs, hatch lifters, or DPDT switches for running/anchor lights, or even a momentary switch for the dimmer. The panel comes with a waterproof gasket for installation and the mounting screws are concealed beneath the snap off bezel.

  • Rated IP67-temporary immersion for 30 minutes
  • Designed for flybridge and open cockpit applications
  • Independent label backlighting allows switching and dimming
  • Compatible with all Blue Sea Systems Digital Dimmers
  • Comes with 6 waterproof 15 Amp push button circuit breakers
  • Comes with 6 waterproof toggle switches
  • Each panel can be mounted in four different orientations
  • UV stabilized and weather resistant faceplate
  • Constructed from corrosion resistant materials
  • Green LEDs illuminate circuit labels
  • Includes 4215 - 30 Square Format Labels
  • Dimensions 6" High x 4.25" Wide
  • Cutout template 
  • Instruction manual
  • Detailed specification, drawings, and description. 
  • Circuit breakers or fuses, which should you choose

  • Because this panel does not have a negative bus included you will normally need to provide one for the negative connections,

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