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Blue Sea 5032 Split Bus Fuse Block for 2 sets of 6 Fuses
Blue Sea Systems 5032 Split Bus fuse block

Blue Sea 5032 Split Bus Fuse Block for 2 sets of 6 Fuses

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This 12 gang fuse-block is for automotive style ATO/ATC blade fuses from 1 Amp to 30 Amps and is designed to withstand the corrosive and vibration prone environments of boats, automobiles or RV's. Made in the USA from marine grade materials, the 5026 Fuse Block comes with a ground bus and snap-on cover. The block has two separately powered groups of six fuses positions with the idea that one group would be for items that are always on (such as bilge pumps) and the other group would be for things that are only on when the battery switch is on (such as VHF or GPS)

  • Split Bus Fuse Block with ground for use when a mix of switched and 24-hour circuits are desired in the same block
  • Provides two isolated groups of six ATO®/ATC® circuits
  • For use with either two isolated batteries or with a single battery providing a mix of 24 hour and switched circuits
  • Maximum 32 volts DC.  30 Amps Max per circuit, 100 Amps Max overall
  • Screw terminals for securing wires accept ring terminals
  • One-piece stainless flange nuts ensure safe and secure connections
  • Clear insulating cover with label recesses and storage for two fuses, satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements
  • Easy to open, push button latch for easy access to fuses
  • A set of write-on labels is included, pre-printed labels are sold separately
  • Storage for two spare fuses in cover
  • Tin-plated copper buses and fuse clips
  • One sample fuse is included, other fuses sold separately, we recommend the Blue Sea Systems Easy ID fuses which light up if they are blown
  • A fuse puller is included to facilitate removal of fuses
If you order this with free shipping it will come without its blister pack, this is to keep it within the allowable weight for first class mail

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