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Blue Sea 5226 MDL Time Delay Glass Fuse 3 Amp
Blue Sea Systems MDL time delay glass fuse

Blue Sea 5226 MDL Time Delay Glass Fuse 3 Amp

Your Price: $2.59
A two pack of MDL Time Delay fuses, 3 Amps rating, maximum voltage 32 Volts DC, for use with Blue Sea 3AG fuse block and other fuse holders
p/n: BSS-0005226
  • Glass tube with nickelplated brass endcaps
  • For use with Blue Sea Systems' ST Glass Fuse Blocks and AGC or MDL fuse holders 
  • MDL Time delay fuses are typically used in DC systems up to 32V DC 
  • Visible indication of blown condition 
  • Two per retail package
  • See image above for details of time delay specifications

Tech Tip

Time delay fuses are often used with motors.  The purpose of the time delay is to prevent the current inrush that occurs when the motor is started from causing the fuse to blow.  By using a time delay fuse it is possible to match the fuse size more accurately to the motor rating.  The usual aim of this is to try and ensure that the fuse blows if the motor rotor becomes locked, which is quite a difficult arrangeemt to achieve in practice and requires a time delay fuse of a quite precise amperage.


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