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Blue Sea 7350 C-Frame Single Pole Circuit Breaker 5 Amps
Blue Sea Systems #7350 C-frame single pole circuit breaker 05 Amps White

Blue Sea 7350 C-Frame Single Pole Circuit Breaker 5 Amps

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C Frame circuit breakers are characterized by the rectangular raised area at the base of the toggle and fit in a rectangular shaped cutout. They are larger than the A Frame Breakers and have much more substantial studs for attaching wires to, meaning they can easily accept wires up to 6 awg or larger. They come in larger amperages up to 100 Amps. These breakers are an industry standard size and Blue Sea Systems breakers, which are manufactured by Carling, are interchangeable with other similar brands. The Blue Sea range all have white toggles with one exception. These breakers are suitable for AC or DC and have higher DC voltage ratings than their A frame equivalents. C Frame circuit breakers come in single, double and triple pole configurations.

  • Provides overcurrent protection for inverters, bow thrusters, and windlasses
  • Combines switching and circuit protection into a single device
  • "Trip Free" - cannot be held closed after trip
  • 1/4" stainless steel terminal stud
  • 10,000 Amp interrupt rating up to 80 volts DC
  • 5,000 Amp interrupt rating up to 5000 AMps AC
  • Made in Mexico by Carling Technologies
    Detailed specification, drawings, and description.

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