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Blue Sea 7520 P12 Battery Charger Remote LED
Remote battery changer display panel

Blue Sea 7520 P12 Battery Charger Remote LED

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Remote panel for Pacific Series Battery Chargers. Comes with 25 ft Cat5e cable and offers full remote monitoring and control
p/n: BSS-0007520
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This Battery Charger Remote panel provides LED indicators for battery charger operation as well as control buttons for adjustable functions,  For use only with the Blue Sea Systems range of P12 Battery Chargers

LED indicators
  • Charging LED - green light confirms operation
  • Charge state LED (bulk, absorption, prefloat and float)
  • Equalize charge state
  • Fan mode
  • Charge output in percentage per battery
  • Alert LED for warnings and diagnostics
Control Buttons
  • Fan control
  • Dimmer and alarm silence
  • Output adjustment for low ac source limitations
  • Power/standby control
This remote carries a FIVE YEAR warranty.  For further information see the Instruction Manual

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