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Blue Sea 7605 BatteryLink Charger
Blue Sea 7605 BatteryLink Charger and ACR

Blue Sea 7605 BatteryLink Charger

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Charge two batteries at or away from the dock with a 10A multistage battery charger and integrated 65A Automatic Charging Relay (ACR).  This unit shows a level of sophistication normally only found on larger and more expensive chargers.  The charger comes with a remote display and a temperature sensor, a fully automatic Three Stage Charger, and an Automatic Battery Combiner

  • AC charging at the dock: Use AC shore power to charge two isolated battery banks with the 3 Stage 10 Amp battery charger 
  • DC charging away from the dock: Share the DC power from the alternator with both the Start and the Auxiliary battery through the integrated 65A ACR 
  • Battery Temperature Compensation prolongs battery life 
  • Start isolation protects sensitive electronics from voltage sags and spikes 
  • Includes LED remote indicator for charge status at the helm 
  • Snap-on insulating cover 
  • One-piece stainless flange nuts ensure safe and secure connections
  • Ignition protected to SAE J1171 means it is safe for use with gasoline engines
  • Water resistance to IP67 means it is protected against the effects of immersion in water for a limited period
  • Dimensions 6.66" x 4.36" x 2.13"
  • For AGM or Flooded Batteries
  • Full specification on manufacturers web page
  • Five Year Warranty

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