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Blue Sea 7623 Solenoid ML 500A 24V ACR with manual Control
Blue Sea Systems #7623 Solenoid ML 500A 24V ACR w/manCtrl

Blue Sea 7623 Solenoid ML 500A 24V ACR with manual Control

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  • Manual control switch provides an added level of safety allowing control with or without power, and offering "Locked Off" capability for servicing
  • Includes ML-Series Remote Control Contura Switch PN 2146
  • 500 Ampere continuous rating
  • Magnetic Latch (ML)-ACR draws very low current (<10 mA to monitor terminal voltage) in the "ON" or "OFF" states, and draws moderate current for very short time when changing state
  • Start Isolation (SI)-Can be configured for temporary isolation of House loads from Engine circuit during engine cranking to protect sensitive electronics
  • Engine Isolation (EI)-Can be configured for isolation of two engines while both are running to protect engine electronics and maximize alternator output
  • Senses charging on two battery banks
  • Supports high-output alternators up to 500 Amps
  • LED output to remotely indicate when batteries are combined, isolated, in voltage lockout, in Start or Engine isolation
  • 3/8"-16 tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • 7/8" (22mm) stud length accepts multiple cable terminals
  • Label recesses for circuit protection
  • Silver alloy contacts provide high reliability for switching live loads
  • CE marked
  • Meets ISO 8846 MARINE and SAE J1171 MARINE external ignition protection requirements
  • Waterproof rated IP66protected against powerful water jets


    Cranking Rating: 10 sec. 2,500 Amps
    Intermittent Rating: 5 min. 2x (4/0) wire-700 Amps
    Continuous Rating 2x (4/0) wire-500 Amps
    Switching Cycles 100,000 Cycles
    Amperage Operating Current <40 mA when changing state
    Relay Contact Position 
    Combine (30 sec.) 13.5V DC @12 Volts/27.0V [email protected] Volts
    Combine (90 sec.) 13.0V [email protected] Volts/26.0V [email protected] Volts
    Open (10 sec.) 12.35V [email protected] Volts/24.7V [email protected] Volts
    Open (30 sec.) 12.75V [email protected] Volts/25.5V [email protected]
    Open High 16.2V [email protected] Volts/32.4V [email protected] Volts
    Live Current Switching [email protected] DC-10,000 Cycles
    Terminal Stud Size 3/8"-16 (M10)
    Terminal Stud Torque 140 in-lb (15.82 Nm)
    Ring Terminal Size 3/8" (M10)
    Cable Clearance For 4/0 AWG Cables 1.18" (28.4mm)
    Cable Size to Meet Ratings 4/0 AWG (95mm sq)

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