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Blue Sea 7650 Add-A-Battery System with ACR and Battery Switch
Blue Sea Systems 7650 Add-A-Battery System with Automatic Charge Relay and Battery Switch

Blue Sea 7650 Add-A-Battery System with ACR and Battery Switch

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p/n: BSS-7650003
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This Add-A-Battery kit is designed to facilitate adding a dedicated starting battery to any vehicle or boat. The intention is to keep the starting battery reserved for starting. The switch turns on both the starting and house battery simultaneously but keeps them separate from each other. The Automatic Charge Relay ensures that both batteries get charged simultaneously.

  • Simplifies switching and automates charging for two battery banks
  • Batteries can be manually combined for emergency starting
  • Automatic Charging relay combines batteries when they are on charge and isolates them when they aren't
  • Ignition protected so it is safe for use in the engine compartments of gasoline powered boats
  • For 12 or 24 volt systems. Relay rated at 120 Amps continuous
  • Switch rated at 350 Amps Continuous
  • IP66 rating for protection against powerful water jets
  • Now packaged in a compact cardboard box for shipping instead of the retail blister pack
  • For further details see the manufacturers website
  • Read my blog post on the use of the start isolation feature
  • At PKYS we sell the boxed version of this which is more suited to eCommerce, the variation part number is 7650003

  • This kit is the ideal way to setup a boat with a dual battery system so that one battery is reserved for starting and one battery is dedicated to the house loads.  The dual battery kit can be used in other applications to including RV's and emergency vehicles

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