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Blue Sea 7700 ML-Series Solenoid 500 Amps 12V
Blue Sea Systems 7700 Solenoid ML 500A 12V Remote Battery Switch with manual control

Blue Sea 7700 ML-Series Solenoid 500 Amps 12V

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Label recesses for circuit identification. Includes remote control contura switch
p/n: BSS-0007700
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Updated Specifications for 2020

This switch has been upgraded and re-rated for up to 64 volts contact voltage.  However the control voltage remains 9-16 volts.  This excerpt from the print catalog shows the details

This is a latching solenoid so it only uses energy briefly when being turned on or off. It does however require a three wire connection to the remote switch to achieve this. Its 500 Amp rating makes it suitable for the biggest of battery banks. It features a manual control override on the switch itself.

  • For use as a remote battery switch
  • Includes ML-Series Contura panel switch 2145
  • Manual control switch provides an added level of safety allowing control with or without power, and offering "Locked Off" capability for servicing
  • 500 Ampere continuous rating for engine, inverter, house loads, and emergency battery combine
  • Magnetic latching draws no current in "ON" or "OFF" state, only draws current when changing state of switch
  • Silver alloy contacts provides high reliability for switching live loads
  • 3/8" tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • 7/8" stud length accepts multiple cable terminals
  • Label recesses for circuit identification
  • CE marked
  • Meets ISO 8846 MARINE and SAE J1171 MARINE external ignition protection requirements
  • Waterproof rated IP66 protected against powerful water jets

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