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Blue Sea 7748 Safety Hub 150 Fuse Block
Blue Sea Systems 7748 Safety Hub 150 Fuse Block

Blue Sea 7748 Safety Hub 150 Fuse Block

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This can be used for main or branch dc power distribution in smaller systems. Negative bus provides common location for negative collection.
p/n: BSS-0007748
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The SafetyHub 150 is an ignition protected fuse block for multiple fuses. It has screw terminations for each circuit.  It is safe for use on gasoline powered boats, reduces wiring connections,  consolidates up to ten fused circuits and can be used for main or branch DC circuits

Diagram of the 7748 fuse block in action

  • Up to Four 30A-200A MIDI/AMI fuses (sold separately) make it ideal for high-amp circuits including panel feeds, windlasses, and stereo amplifiers
  • Six 24-hour 1A-30A  ATO/ATC fuses (sold separately) are ideal for circuits including bilge pumps, alarms, and clock memory
  • Ignition protected fuse block meets Coast Guard and ABYC requirements for installation on gasoline or diesel boats.  Cover must be kept closed to meet the rating.
  • Meets ISO 8846 ignition protection, and SAE J1171 external ignition protection requirements
  • Approx dimensions 6" x 5"
  • Fuses sold separately
  • Certifications:  CE. IP66, SAE J1171, ISO 8846 Marine
  • For more details see manufacturers web page

Tech Tip

There are limits on the overall amp capacity of the block based on the size of wire you are using.  This is because larger wires have the ability to dissipate more heat.  The overall limit when using 2/0 wires is 200 amps for the entire block.  If you use 4/0 wire the limit rises to 350 amps, and if you double up your 4/0 wire the max limit is 600 amps.

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