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Blue Sea 8081 DC Panel 5 position with meters (OPEN BOX)
Blue Sea Systems #8081 DC panel 5 pos V/Ammeter

Blue Sea 8081 DC Panel 5 position with meters (OPEN BOX)

On sale $429.62 $335.61
This is a DC circuit breaker panel with 5 - 15A breakers, a 16 Volt voltmeter, 50 Amp DC ammeter with remote shunt. Fully pre-wired and installed with all positive, ground, and grounding buses. 8-16 Volt voltmeter with a 3 position switch for multiple battery banks 0-50 Amp DC ammeter with remote shunt Fully pre-wired with all positive, ground and grounding buses installed 30 common DC labels included, 120 more available
p/n: BSS-0008081-openbox
Availability: 1 in stock
This is brand new but the packing is a bit dishevelled so we are offering $20 off the usual price

  • All positive, negative and grounding buses installed, fully pre-wired
  • Panel includes a toggle switch for monitoring voltage of up to 3 battery banks
  • Owner upgradable to 24 Volts with 8240 or 8243 (18-32V DC meters)
  • All circuit label positions are backlit,- No kit required
  • "ON" indicating LEDs installed in all circuit positions
  • MIL-C-5541C or equivalent immersion undercoating for lifetime corrosion resistance
  • Two-part polyurethane slate gray finish
  • Heavy 1/8" aluminum 5052 alloy
  • Dimensions 7.50 in x 5.25 in x 2.50 in deep
  • Countersunk mounting holes throughout
  • Detailed installation instructions and cutout template included
  • Includes set of 30 common Large Format Panel Labels
  • Over 500 individual labels available
    Detailed specification, drawings, and description.
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