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Blue Sea 8084 Panel 20 Position AC/DC Panel
Blue Sea Systems #8084 Panel 16-12VDC/8-120VAC w/main

Blue Sea 8084 Panel 20 Position AC/DC Panel

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p/n: BSS-0008084
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  • All AC and DC buses installed and fully pre-wired
  • 100 Amp DC main  and 9 x 15 Amp DC breakers installed
  • 30 Amp AC main and 3 x 15 Amp AC breakers installed
  • Blank spaces for 6 additional DC and 3 additional AC breakers
  • Label backlighting pre-installed
  • Comes with a set of pre-printed AC/DC standard panel labels
  • ON - indicating LEDs installed in all circuit positions
  • 100 Ampere C-Series Toggle Circuit Breaker provides main circuit protection and switching for DC branch
  • Maximum panel amperage - 100 Amperes DC, 50 Amperes AC
  • Height 10.00 in x Width 14.75 in x Depth 3.00 in 
  • Optional p/n 4029 back cover for AC circuits sold separately
    Dont forget to order some extra circuit breakers for the blank slots. All the pre-installed distribution breakers are 15 Amps so if you are not sure I suggest you order a few 5A, and few 10A and a few 20A breakers.


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