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Blue Sea 8095 AC/DC Panel with analog meters
Blue Sea Systems #8095 Panel 10-120VAC/30-12VDC 40 pos

Blue Sea 8095 AC/DC Panel with analog meters

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  • Domestic:AC and DC circuit breaker panel for marine use
We dont keep this panel in stock, if you order it we will have it drop shipped direct from Blue Sea Systems.  It normally ships within three working days.

  • All AC and DC buses installed and fully pre-wired
  • Label backlighting pre-installed
  • Includes a standard set of AC and DC panel labels
  • ON - indicating LEDs installed in all circuit positions
  • 100 Ampere C-Series Toggle Circuit Breaker provides main circuit protection and switching for DC branch
  • Double pole 30 Amp AC main included (user upgradeable to 50 Amps)
  • Maximum panel amperage - 100 Amperes DC, 30 Amperes AC (user upgradeable to 50 Amps)
  • Includes five 15 Amp circuit breakers for AC circuits with three spare slots
  • Includes twenty 15 Amp circuit breaker for DC circuits with nine spare slots
  • Expanded scale analog DC Voltmeter 8-16 volts
  • Analog DC Ammeter 0-100 Amps with external shunt
  • AC Voltmeter 0-150 Volts
  • AC Ammeter 0-50 Amps with current transformer
  • Height 11.50in  Width 19.50in
  • Depth 3.00in
  • Weight 12.45lb

    Blue Sea Systems did not make a backing box for the AC part of this panel but the 4029 panel back can be adopted to work with a bit of modification.  Dont forget to order some extra circuit breakers for the blank slots. All the pre installed distribution breakers are 15 Amps so if you are not sure I suggest you order a few 5A, and few 10A and a few 20A breakers.


    Detailed specification, drawings, and description.
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