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Blue Sea 8102 ELCI Panel with 30A Double Pole Main + 2 Positions with Voltmeter
ELCI Panel with main breaker, two sub circuits and a 0-150 Volt Voltmeter

Blue Sea 8102 ELCI Panel with 30A Double Pole Main + 2 Positions with Voltmeter

On sale$299.95
This circuit breaker panel is for a 30 Amp 120 Volt AC shore power service and comes with a voltmeter as well as an ELCI main breaker and two distribution circuits with 15 Amp breakers
  • ELCI provides overcurrent and leakage protection per ABYC E-11 for whole boat shore power protection
  • 30 Amp Double Pole main breaker
  • Green "power available" and Red "reverse polarity: indicating LED's
  • 30 mA trip ELCI for fault protection
  • Complies with ABYC E11 when located within 10 feet of shore power inlet
  • Two 15 Amp distribution breakers
  • 0-150 Volts AC analog voltmeter
  • Backlit labels, comes with a set of 30 pre-printed labels
  • Dimensions 7.5" high x 5.25" wide x 3.5" deep
  • See our blog post on installing a small shore power system

Tech Tip

I normally use 10 awg wire for the 30 Amp Main and 12 awg wire for the other 15 Amp circuits.  You can get away with less in certain circumstances but if you follow the sizes above you are covered in almost all cases.  See my blog post for more details.

When ordering terminals to wire these panels it might be useful to know that the circuit breakers  have #10 screws and the busbars have #8 screws,  I prefer to use ring terminals for maximum security but the ABYC does also permit the use of captive fork terminals that have an indent or bend at the end.

ABYC Standards require that this panel has a back cover fitted if it is in an area shared with low voltage DC Circuits

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