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Blue Sea 8110 Mini Clamp-On Hand Held Multimeter
Blue Sea Systems 8110 Mini clamp on multimeter

Blue Sea 8110 Mini Clamp-On Hand Held Multimeter

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The spring loaded jaws of the clamp allow measurement of current without interrupting the circuit. For example you could measure the output of an alternator by clamping on its output wire or measure the power consumption of a winch or windlass by clamping on its power cable. You can only clamp on a single cable, if you clamp on a pair of positive and negative wires the readings of one cancel out the other.  When comparing this to other meters note that this clamp works for AC and DC but not all meters do.  This meter reads RMS voltage which is a feature not found in cheaper meters so it will give a more accurate reading of voltage when reading irregular wave forms, for instance those produced by some inverters.

  • Clamp allows measurement of AC and DC current in wires without disturbing the circuits or contacting live terminals
  • Auto range simplifies operation: 0.01-400 Amps, 0.001-600 Volts
  • Auto power-off selection - power turns off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use
  • True RMS - required for accurate measurement of inverter output
  • Large digital display makes reading measurements easy
  • Data hold - press "HOLD" button during measurement to lock reading value
  • Test leads included with meter
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