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Blue Sea 8689 DC Battery Management Panel
Blue Sea Systems #8689 DC panel Battery Mngmnt Mini 2 Dual

Blue Sea 8689 DC Battery Management Panel

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  • Designed for twin engine configurations
  • Panel includes two 6011 battery switches
  • Provides 24 hour circuit protection for essential circuits - three x 15 Amp circuit breakers included
  • Provides main DC circuit protection in addition to high ampere load protection - 100 Amp main breaker included
  • Protects electronics from sags and spikes caused by engine cranking by separating start from house batteries
  • Allows emergency cross connect between isolated battery banks
  • Isolates the Engine circuit from the House circuit and simplifies battery switch operation
  • Addition of one or more Automatic Charging Relays (not included) automates charging all batteries
  • Includes a set of p/n 4218 - Square Format Labels and p/n 4140 - 24 Hour Round Labels
  • This panel can accept A-Frame (7400 and up) or C-Frame (7540 and up) flat rocker breakers and push button breakers (7050 and up).  The main breaker that comes with this is the C-Frame type which have heaver duty terminals and are more suited to larger wires.
  • Dimensions 7.25" Wide x 7.25" High x 3.25" Deep

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