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Blue Sea 8690 DC Battery Management Panel
Blue Sea Systems #8690 DC panel Battery Mngmnt e Dual

Blue Sea 8690 DC Battery Management Panel

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New battery management panel integrates the dual circuit plus battery switch to simplify switching and avoid the risk of a depleted start battery.
p/n: BSS-0008690
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This panel has a battery switch for house and engine together with a main circuit breaker for the house supply and it also comes with two circuit breakers for 24 hour circuits like bilge pumps. There is space for two more circuit breakers which can be either the high amperage kind or the push button 24 hour circuit kind.

  • Designed for single engine configurations with dual batteries
  • Provides 24 hour circuit protection for two essential circuits
  • Provides main DC circuit protection 
  • Protects electronics from sags and spikes caused by engine cranking
  • Allows emergency cross connect between isolated battery banks
  • Isolates the Engine circuit from the House circuit
  • Simplifies battery switch operation
  • Allows independent battery discharge
  • Addition of an Automatic Charging Relay automates charging both batteries
  • Includes 4218 - Square Format Labels and 4140 - 24 Hour Round Labels
  • This panel can accept A-Frame (7400 and up) or C-Frame (7540 and up) flat rocker breakers and push button breakers (7050 and up).  
  • Dimensions  8" high x 5.25" Wide x 3.5" deep
  • Cutout template

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