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Blue Sea Systems Custom Made Circuit Breaker Panel
Design your own panel using the online Panelwizard Program

Blue Sea Systems Custom Made Circuit Breaker Panel

Price Varies
Custom circuit breaker panel made to your specifications - design your own online. Custom 360 Panels Ship Within 10 Business Days of Order Receipt at Blue Sea
p/n: CustomPanel
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When you scroll through the pictures above you quickly get the idea. You can do just about anything you want with these 360 Series custom panels. This is a modular system and a single panel can be up to five modules wide and five modules high. Each module can accommodate four standard circuit breakers or a wide variety of other equipment, meters or switchgear. You can design these panels online using the panelwizard program, get a rough idea of the price as you work, and then get a precise quote back in three working days. Future proof your boat, put a couple of blank modules in your design to allow for additional items to be added later.  Why not take a look by clicking on the link: https://pkys.panelwizard.bluesea.com

Design it yourself using the program, feel free to call for help or advice, or have us design it for you at no extra charge.  https://pkys.panelwizard.bluesea.com 

Launch the panelwizard program at pkys.panelwizard.bluesea.com

Design your own panel with the modules of your choice

Max size is 5 modules x 5 modules

My personal preference is for the flat rocker breakers

Turn this....
Sample panel back wiring legend

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