Those of you contemplating installing a new complicated electrical system for your Sprinter Van conversion might be interested in this tip.  It really could pay off to build the system on your test bench first.  The advantages of this are huge, and the savings on your knees almost as much.  Ttree of our customers did this and here are the results.

In this first photo from a project in Taiwan they just laid out the items to get a feeling for how it all goes together and figure out what pieces they were missing. You can see more photos of the finished project here.

Taiwan project

In this next one they actually connected everything together and fired it up to test it all out before installing.

Test banch

Test banch


In the pictures above I spot one of the Victron Lithium Smart batteries, a Multiplus inverter charger, a Color Control GX, several MPPT solar charge controllers and lots of circuit breakers.  You can also see the Mk3-USB interface used for programming.  This is a whole working system built on the bench.  Not a bad idea if you have the time and space, its quite a complicated system as you can see.  You can see more on their Instagram Page

This last project is even more elaborate.  It was designed for the "Ultimate Camper Van" and the entire system was set up before the van was even purchased. This is a 48 Volt DC system and was completely assembled even before the vehicle was purchased.  Here are a few screenshots:

Inverter wiring

Battery Compartment

Here is another project in the middle of construction:

Here is an installation from the Dakar rally

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