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Here is a guide to the process of designing a panel on the Panelwizard program.  Its easy, give it a try.   

Having chosen a size for the panel using the dimensions shown you get to choose voltage and breaker style.  The options for breaker style are toggle or flat rocker.  I prefer the flat rocker because it looks better and because it is harder to switch on or off by accident.  There is also a visible indication because an "off" breaker has its white edge exposed.

You just drag modules across from the list to the frame and drop them in place.  If you don't like one you can just click on the red dot to get rid of it.  As you go it tots up the price for you.  The list price is just a guide, at the end you get to submit it for a personalized quote.  When you configure the modules you get to specify any relevant details such as the breaker size and the label that goes with it.  Panels arrive fully labeled.  AC modules automatically come with backing boxes. At the end you need to save your work so you can come back to it.  Design can be an interactive process and the engineers that review your work may have some suggestions or comments for things you might want to change.  Its not uncommon to revise these designs several times before completion.
You can see a high resolution preview of your panel at any time.  Clicking on the "Proceed to Quote" sends the panel to Blue Sea Systems for review and then to me for a final price.  Once you order the panel you will be asked to pay in advance since it is a custom item that is not returnable.  It takes five working days to build the panel and it is shipped to you direct from the Blue Sea Systems plant in Bellingham WA.




  Try the Panelwizard program