Custom AC DC Panel
The left hand column is for the 120 Volt AC circuits, it starts with an 8247 digital multimeter and then has a ship/shore main transfer switch.  The AC power system on the boat is relatively straightforward.  A couple of spare slots were left for future additions.

The next two columns are for DC circuits starting with a DC main breaker.  In the top right you will see there is an 8248 digital multimeter.  The DC Circuits are more extensive.  You will notice that there were some more spare spaces left for future upgrades.  This panel uses all flat rocker circuit breakers which help to give it the clean look.  They are also very practical as they cant get knocked on or off very easily.

The AC side of the panel was supplied with backing boxes.  The entire panel was supplied fully wired, labelled and ready to install.  It took five working days to build (and probably a bit longer than that to install and commission!)

Here is a picture of the boat "Blue Moon":

Blue Moon in Annapolis

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